16 Facts about Floor Heating Systems Perth

Perth underfloor heating

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Having scale and sourced the best materials directly from manufacturers and suppliers means we are very competitive therefore it is affordable for most new homes. Making an investment in something that is going to bring you comfort and Joy more than  50% of your time is a worthwhile investment for your health and well-being.

Floor Heating is a luxurious way to live in your home. Homes with floor heating people live in superior comfort levels. This is achieved by a number of factors.

Depending on the heat sources used and the insulated properties of the home and building floor heating systems require less energy than conventional heating systems.

Floor heating systems do not burn any gases or timber like wood fires or gas heaters. The risk of burns, inhalation of dust, chemicals and gasses and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can lead to death.

Traditionally in Europe and North America plumbers install underfloor heating systems because the pipes are filled with water and pipes,  pumps and controls are required. Plumbers are very familiar with these things and it makes for any easy job and installation when the installers know how to connect all the bits and pieces together and have the right tools and equipment.

Floor heating systems can be heated with solar panel water systems as opposed to PV (photovoltaics) and evacuated tube solar, Gas boilers are a cheap option as they are cheap to buy and install. 

Heat pumps are a great option especially where photovoltaic systems have been installed. 

Heat pumps are like a reverse cycle air conditioning system that instead of heating air, instead heat the water.  

Geothermal or Geothermal Heat pump systems are the best way to supply floor heating systems and generally have the lowest running costs – as much as 600%+ more efficient than a gas Boiler.  

Deep Geothermal artesian bore water can be used to heat floors also. Perth Environmental Plumbing have completed both Geothermal heat pump and Deep hole geothermal. One of our projects was the St Hildas Ladies College Auditorium in Mosman Park. 

Perth Environmental Plumbing have products to suit any heating requirements. We have systems for small areas from 1m² to 12m² using the SmartHeat electric Matting system.

Sometimes it doesn’t warrant having the Hydronic pipe system for smaller areas. This is where we recommend an use the Matting systems.  

For Larger systems, we have the capacity and products to complete large areas in Commercial buildings, Cool rooms, Airports etc.

Lower temperatures can mean lower running costs.  Perth Environmental Plumbing have control systems to alter the water temperatures required to heat the home to make it the most efficient systems available.

There is the perception that floor heating systems are complicated and painful to install, and that this reflects in the price. 

This is simply not true!

When the installers are qualified, experienced, have the right tools and equipment and a set of well-designed plans to work to, it makes for an easy installation.  

Although installng an floor heating system in Perth should be handled by an experienced, MPA-certified plumber, (like Perth Environmental Plumbing!), we do also offer DIY kits.

Radiant energy is not heat energy and it does not ‘travel slowly’… In fact, it travels at the speed of light! 

The energy is only converted to heat when it hits a solid object of a cooler temperature. 

Again, radiant floor heating operates in almost identical long wave infrared frequency as the human body meaning its not heat absorption but heat retention which provides the perception of warmth.

Floor heating systems can control the temperature of the whole home from one location. System can be built to control one room or a number of rooms at any one time.

Perth’s Heating Period is longer than our cooling Period, yet West Australians have a love affair with big air conditioners belting out cold air while we are often guilty of leaving doors or windows open – not a good look for your energy bills, or the environment!

Older houses especially have limited insulation properties and are inefficient with retaining heat energy, which makes a perfect fit for a Perth floor heating system.

Well insulated homes are excellent for floor heating systems.  We recommend insulation in the roof, ceilings, walls, under  slab, around the footings and good glazing, double or triple glazed windows.  Insulation acts as a barrier to the heat escaping the building so the better the insulation the better the efficiency of the floor heating system.

Floor heating or radiator type systems can be retrofitted to existing building using electric matting and Hydronic pipe systems – Ask us how!

Some homes where Floor heating cannot be installed, for example, a home that is being renovated – the extension has a new slab but the existing part of the home require Radiators. 

This can be achieved through the use of special valves can be used to send higher temperature water to the radiators, and lower temp water to the in-slab heating. 

Questions? We’re here to help!

Floor Heating systems require minimal maintenance and the underfloor pipework comes with a 25 year warranty.

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