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Heating & Cooling Services

Perth Environmental Plumbing are a leading supplier of hydronic heating and cooling technologies.

We work together with clients, engineers, builders, architects and consultants to provide the following solutions:

  • Home heating and cooling.
  • Hot water and pool heating (Perth Environmental Plumbing have solutions for both retrofits and new builds),
  • Agricultural heating and cooling, with experience in replacing gas boilers with energy efficient heat pumps for commercial greenhouses,
  • Aquaculture,
  • Commercial swimming pools,
  • Local Councils/Government,
  • Schools, private and government,
  • Industrial heating and cooling;

Plus, many other solutions!

Some of the technologies we specialize in include:

heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps work by passing water through a ground loop system.

The heat from the earth is transferred to the water and used in an economical way to heat and cool your building or home, tapping into the clean, free, renewable energy found just below the earth’s surface.

It is now possible to implement Geothermal Heating & Cooling for a greener more energy efficient home or workplace.

Air source heat pumps are the other alternative.

Perth Environmental Plumbing offers the most state-of-the-art heat pumps from Europe, specifically designed to heat and cool your home or provide hot water.

These systems are not only environmentally friendly but offer huge savings from your power bills.

Why not talk to us about replacement options for your old or failed gas hot water system and make the move away from natural gas reliance today?

Combination tank systems

These systems combine several services for a house, home or business, including underfloor heating, pool heating, spa heating and solar heating.

Solar Hot Water

Evacuated tube and flat panel for domestic hot water and pool heating systems.

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Fan COil Systems

For both heating and cooling.


Whether it’s heating or cooling your home or commercial space, or improving air flow and quality throughout a space, Perth Environmental Plumbing have the knowledge and know-how to design, install & maintain both commercial and residential heating and cooling systems,

Underfloor heating & cooling

Underfloor heating and cooling is an outstanding way to climate-control your home, especially areas with a high floor-space.

Perth Environmental Plumbing is one of Perth’s most experienced underfloor heating and cooling installers, which counts when things matter most!

Pool Heating

Heating your pool is a great way to get year-round use out of something usually only used for a few months in summer.

Our heating & cooling experts can have your pool remain toasty-warm in winter, and cool in summer

Commercial Hot Water

Perth Nevironmental Plumbing are fully equipped to design, install, and service commercial hot water systems. When your business relies on keeping the hot flowing – trust Perth Environmental!

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